Personal Voice

Apple has a new feature called Personal Voice. This allows you to type and have your iPhone speak your words using your own voice, or a close facsimile to it. It’s quite amazing and I recommend playing with it, even if you don’t anticipate losing your voice.

You can reach the feature through Settings – Accessibility – Personal Voice. Setup requires around a half hour for you to read 150 sentences. Once you’re done, it takes a day or two to analyze your recordings and create the voice. You can then enable it with Live Speech (Accessibility – Live Speech). Then you triple tap the power button to launch the box to enter your text to speak.

It’s fascinating to consider that you could use this if you somehow lost your voice. You could even do this for a kid who is old enough to speak the sentences so that you have their voice at a particular moment in time.

This is something that you hopefully never need, but it is free and can be quite fun.

See this beautiful video from Apple on the new feature:

And here is a video on how to set it up: