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We’ve seen a recent rise in “ransomware” that infects and encrypts computers, then demands money for you to get your data back. I reported back in March 2011¬†having seen ransomware demanding $200. Today, it is asking for $300 within 10 hours. The name of the virus is CryptoLocker. The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team has
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Magic Plan Floorplan Creator App

The Magic Plan app for iPad and iPhone deserves to have “Magic” in it’s name. I recently helped an Arlington, VA, customer who had a new iPad and had just moved. They wanted to build a floorplan of their place. Using Magic Plan allowed us to create a floorplan quickly by clicking on the corners
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Sync iPhone with Windows

Many people have an iPhone or iPad as well as a Windows computer. While there are ways to sync an iOS device with Outlook or Windows Mail for contacts and calendar, the syncing never displays things the same way as it does on the iPhone or iPad. iCloud Web Access The easiest way to give
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