Acer Aspire One running Windows Vista

The Acer Aspire One is a fun little netbook, but it’s just not fast enough to run Windows Vista. That’s why Windows XP was included instead of Vista. Right? Well, I put that to the test and found that by modifying Vista as I described earlier, Vista runs great on the Aspire One.

It actually ran more fluidly than Windows XP did. I attribute that mainly to Vista’s support of:

  1. the Atom chipset’s hyperthreading. XP Home does not take full advantage of the chipset.
  2. ReadyBoost, a Vista feature that uses a flash drive to cache and speed up random reads that would otherwise go to the hard drive.

See this video of my Aspire One showing the speed of opening several applications:

3 Replies to “Acer Aspire One running Windows Vista”

  1. i wanted to know what model of the aspire one you have cause i have an AOA 150 and it says that can only run windows xp too but i wanted to change it to windows vista so i wanted to know if i can and how. =)

  2. Yes! Drivers please! Already installed Vista before Acer told me the LAN driver won’t work! 🙁 appreciate your response in advance.

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