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3D Video and Nausia

The Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) just wrapped up in Las Vegas and one of the main themes was 3D video coming to home televisions. Along with this, the big movie Avatar is being shown in many locations in 3D. While 3D adoption will grow, there are some problems such as having to wear silly glasses
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Christmas Lights

Happy holidays! Unless you hate Christmas and live next to a house blaring music like this. WARNING: video may induce epileptic seizure.

Buying a Home Theater Projector

Why you should buy a home theater projector Screen size. For the ultimate large screen (100+ inch) theater experience, a front projector is the only solution under $80,000. There are large LCD, Plasma, and rear-projector televisions, but none over 100 inches that can practically be purchased or fit through your door. Why you should not
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