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iPhone 5 dock reviews

We reviewed the following docks that feature lightning connectors for the iPhone 5:

Braeburn Acoustics
Made2Dock Dock-in-Case

WiFi Scanner for Mac

There’s a decent WiFi scanning tool built into Mac OS X Mountain Lion. This can be helpful when trying to diagnose interference issues based on channels and signal strength. It’s a bit tricky to find. Go to your hard drive, then the following folders:
System – Library – CoreServices

Then click on the app “WiFi Diagnostics”. Then a window pops up to help you create a diagnostic report. I ignore that and just click on the top menu:
View – WiFi Scan

Then you’ll see this handy program:

Wi-Fi Scanner Mountain Lion

If you use this program a lot, you can drag it to the desktop or your Applications or Utilities folder.

Buying A TV

TV Advice

Buying a TV can be quite intimidating. When clients ask me what to get, here’s what I usually recommend.

Go to a big box store (Costco, Sams) since they have an excellent return policy, good prices, and they don’t try to give you terrible upsells and warranties. If you want the best value, look at Vizios. If you want the best TV and picture look at Samsungs. They cost more, but are the best displays for most people’s needs.


If you want a big TV and you have good light control in the room, meaning that you can make it dark, consider getting a front projector. You can get an excellent projector that will give you a 100+ inch screen for $1400. This takes a little more work since you need to position the projector, get a screen, and focus the projector. But it’s the only cost effective way to get a screen over 75 inches.


The Vizios and Samsungs mentioned above are LCDs. If you are big into sports and you appreciate the more active (slightly less ghosty) look, consider getting a plasma TV over LCD. Modern LCDs are great and have largely done away with the ghosting problems. Most people never notice any image issues. But many video professionals still prefer the look of plasmas. Plasma images are dimmer so they aren’t as good in well lit areas as LCDs.  They are thicker and heavier than LCDs.

Panasonic makes the best plasmas. A couple of years ago Pioneer’s Kurio was the best, but Pioneer stopped making it and sold the technology to Panasonic.

Don’t Fall for the Upsell

Remember that TVs are warrantied by the manufacturer so you don’t need to buy an extended warranty. And you can get great HDMI and other cables at reasonable prices from

How to Sell Domain Names

Got some unused domain names that you believe have value? Selling those domains rather than just letting them expire can be tricky. There are a lot of domain auction and resale sites on the internet but we believe only one approach is above the rest. is one of the most popular domain selling services. The key is to use their Premium Promotional Level.  This allows your domain to appear on other domain sites for sale along with unowned domains.  In order for this to work, you must also set a Buy Now price.  This premium level is only available with certain domain name registrars.  We highly recommend  Once afternic confirms you are the domain owner, your domain will then appear on many sites when people are searching for domain names to buy.

AirPrint Activator 3

As we’ve mentioned, AirPrint Activator is a free way to print from an iPhone/iPad to any Mac-connected printer (even a PDF if you follow our instructions). Now a complete re-write was done in version 3 of AirPrint Activator was just finished to make it compatible with iOS6 and Mountain Lion 10.8.

It works great and is still free.

The best solution for Windows users continues to be FingerPrint 2 for $20.