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iMac 27 Screen Problems

Screen Busted There has been a lot of concern online about screen problems with the late 2009 27 inch model of iMacs. Gizmodo has covered this extensively. I recently saw an Arlington, Virginia customer’s 27″ iMac that had developed screen problems. I used PiXel Check to change the screen to one color to see the
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Aluminum iMac Hard Drive Upgrade

What you need 1. T6 and T8 torx screwdrivers 2. Phillips Head screwdriver 3. Microfiber cleaning cloth 4. Suction cups 5. External USB or firewire backup hard drive 6. New SATA hard drive. We recommend the 1.5TB Western Digital Green Drive Step 1 – Backup via Time Machine Before you start, you have to first
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iMac 24″ Opened and Upgraded

A Fairfax, Virginia customer recently had an iMac 24″ Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz (the two year old white acrylic plastic model) that had a malfunctioning video card (random lines, ghost windows, static). Otherwise it worked great, so we decided to fix it. Bad Video Card Because the iMac was not under AppleCare warranty,
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