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Upgrading Windows HD

I recently upgraded a client’s computer from an old spinning hard drive to an SSD (solid state drive) to make the machine much faster. A simple disk clone did not work for Windows 7 to make the disk bootable. To make Windows 7 boot properly, the SID (Security Identifier) had to be updated. This is
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Visualize Your Hard Drive to Free Space

It’s sometimes difficult to find out what’s taking up all your computer hard drive space. That’s why I like these free programs which visually display the contents of your hard drive by file size. These programs make it easy to find and delete large files and directories that you no longer need. For Windows –
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Aluminum iMac Hard Drive Upgrade

What you need 1. T6 and T8 torx screwdrivers 2. Phillips Head screwdriver 3. Microfiber cleaning cloth 4. Suction cups 5. External USB or firewire backup hard drive 6. New SATA hard drive. We recommend the 1.5TB Western Digital Green Drive Step 1 – Backup via Time Machine Before you start, you have to first
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