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Podcast Explains History of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Everyone in Washington D.C. is talking about the government takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. They’re headquartered here in Northern Virginia. People who work there are anxious about a big management shakeup.

If you’re interested in some historical perspective on Freddie and Fannie, there is a podcast called My History Can Beat Up Your […]

Watch Your Home Team with Slingbox

Slingbox is a device that hooks up to your cable, tuner, or DVR. You connect to it remotely using the SlingPlayer software to watch TV from wherever you are on the Internet. It costs $150 to $240 depending on the version you want.

Because it is a one-to-one connection and not a broadcast, it isn’t […]

Google Chrome Browser First Impressions

Today, Google has launched their own browser called Chrome. There’s no doubt Google is trying to control all things on the web and this is yet another step towards that goal. Their search engine is dominant and they’ve been trying to push online applications such as Google Docs. By creating their own browser, they can […]

Easy Webcam Setup with Ustream

A friend who fled New Orleans and Luling, Louisiana showed me his webcast on Ustream. Ustream allows Mac and Windows users to share their video on a Ustream page. Unlike broadcasting a live feed straight from your computer, Ustream can handle thousands of visits, as my friend’s page had before his house lost power when […]

Find WiFi networks with iStumbler for Mac OS X

iStumbler allows you to find and determine the strength of WiFi networks. It works only with Macs.

iStumbler is useful when you need access to the internet and need free WiFi. iStumbler will tell you if the network is secure or open. Although connecting to an open WiFi point is of questionable legality, there are […]