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iMac 24″ Opened and Upgraded

A Fairfax, Virginia customer recently had an iMac 24″ Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz (the two year old white acrylic plastic model) that had a malfunctioning video card (random lines, ghost windows, static). Otherwise it worked great, so we decided to fix it. Bad Video Card Because the iMac was not under AppleCare warranty,
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Truly Erasing Your Hard Drive

Deleting is not Erasing Most people delete their important computer files before they throw away their computer or donate it to charity. The problem is that file deletion does not overwrite files. Deletion just removes the operating system’s link to that data. Until the files are overwritten, they can still be recovered. This could give
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Add RAM for better performance

Adding RAM to a computer can be a cheap and easy way to improve performance. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the active memory that your computer uses to think about what it is doing. The memory is lost when your computer shuts down. If you don’t have enough memory, the computer will have to also
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