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Amazon PrimePantry Review

Amazon recently launched a new service, currently just for Prime members, called Amazon PrimePantry.  The idea is you can order certain pantry-esque items (no cold food) and have them shipped in 1 big box for just $6.  I ordered an assortment of items that I thought might be challenging to deliver intact.  Amazon’s goal is
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Satechi R1 iPad Stand

I’ve played with lots of iPad stands and the Satechi R1 Stand is the best by far because it: looks great is adjustable to any vertical angle is easy to move left-right because it’s small collapses for travel fits the iPad, iPhone or any other device with or without a case has a strong hinge
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Kindle Fire Is Disappointing

Lower Your Expectations Wow, I had low expectations given the $199 price, but the Amazon Kindle Fire still managed to disappoint me. Pros: $199 Cons: Hardware Backlight bleeding all around the edge of the screen. Power button is badly placed and I’ve accidentally shut off the Fire several times when holding it. Super-reflective screen. Much
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