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Print File List on a Mac

A recent Mac customer needed to send someone a list of files in one of their folders. We used this free PrintFinder program. You simply drag the folder you are interested in onto the folder icon at the top left of the application. PrintFinder has loads of configuration options for what to include. You can […]

DC eCycling April 24 2010

Celebrate Earth Day by Recycling Computer Equipment this Saturday

From the EPA’s eCycling Day 2010 page:

Join us in celebration of Earth Day as we host our 4th annual eCycling event. Bring your unwanted computer and computer-related equipment (computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, etc.) and cell phones for free recycling. This year, EPA and cooperating organizations […]

Use Google Email with your Domain

Google email works with, but you could also use To do this, you sign up for Google Apps, which is offered in Standard (Free) and Premier Editions. Go to:

There are a couple of ways to do this:

The simplest is to choose “I want to buy a domain” which allows […]

VNC Port Forwarding for FiOS

Because setting up VNC with a router is tricky, I thought it would be helpful if I wrote up how to do it with the popular FiOS Actiontec router based on my recent VNC set up for a small business in Arlington, Virginia.


FiOS is a high speed fiber internet service offered by Verizon […]

Paperless Office in a Snap


The paperless office is the holy grail of organizers. It would be great to scan paper and then throw it right away, only to rely on the electronic scans. In my experience, these paperless implementations typically fail because they are too complicated and don’t offer real improvements over paper filing.

For the system to […]