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Online Travel Sites

Online travel booking is easier than ever. And for us lucky folk in Washington DC with three airports (Dulles, Reagan, and BWI) there are flights everywhere and lots of deals. Below are some useful travel sites.

Travel Reservations

Travelocity – early leader in online reservations with roots back to CompuServe and AOL. Now known […]

Windows 7 Fresh Install from Upgrade Disk

Upgrade Conundrum

Microsoft offers Full and Upgrade versions for each of its Windows 7 versions: Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. To qualify for an upgrade, you need to have a copy of Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Unfortunately, anyone running Windows XP or 2000 can not do an in-place upgrade to 64-bit Windows 7. […]

Online Resources for H1N1 Flu

Here are some resources to inform/panic you about the H1N1 Swine Flu that was just declared a national emergency.

Washington D.C. area residents should visit:

Swine Flu Vaccinations: When and Where to Get Them by the Washington Post. It has links to all the D.C., Northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland Flu resources. Local residents should […]

Windows 7 Released

Cartoon by Donna Barstow via Slate.

Adding Music to iTunes from a USB drive

If you copy music into your iTunes library, there is a setting in iTunes that will make it easier to deal with your library.

Consolidate Library

Let’s take an example. By default, when you take MP3s on a USB drive and drag them into iTunes, the music will show up in iTunes. However, iTunes is […]