SyncBack Backup Software for Windows

Data backups should be done regularly and automatically. SyncBack for Windows does that.

Look for the version SyncBack Freeware V3.2.18.0, which provides everything you should need for free. It can backup to an attached drive, a network drive, or to a remote server via FTP. By backing up to a remote server, you have the added benefit of protecting your data against your local computer system being stolen or destroyed.

SyncBack can be scheduled to run in the background. There are lots of options for backup and directory synronization. SyncBack can even email you if there is a problem.

Be Proactive

People call Tech DC to help after they have lost their data. Often this is because they had a hard drive failure.  We can sometimes recover the data using software such as SpinRite from Steve Gibson. But if you use SyncBack, you can rest easier that you have a backup.

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