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Buying A TV

TV Advice Buying a TV can be quite intimidating. When clients ask me what to get, here’s what I usually recommend. Go to a big box store (Costco, Sams) since they have an excellent return policy, good prices, and they don’t try to give you terrible upsells and warranties. If you want the best value,
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Online Price Trends from Gazaro

The free site Gazaro allows you to look up products and see pricing trends. You can see if the product’s price has dropped regularly or if you are at a high blip. Gazaro also identifies products that have recently dropped significantly in price.  Sign up is required, but there is no fee. This is an
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Holiday Shopping Deals Online

Deal Sites It’s easier than ever to find good shopping deals online. The biggest sites that aggregate online deals are: Slickdeals.net Fatwallet These sites have forums where people discuss Hot Deals, Black Friday Deals, Freebies, and Coupons. This is where people go to find amazing deals. Shopaholics also enjoy the innovative woot.com site, which sells
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