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SEO Services

As always, I recommend to ignore spam emails suggesting that someone will improve your search rank by performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google knows about the tactics that SEO Consultants use. And if Google notices that you are artificially trying to improve your rank, they can penalize or ban your site from their search. Instead, the best
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Improving Search Rank

I just got a spammy marketing email from NationalPositions Marketing telling me how they could improve the Google search rankings for We’ve written before about how such services are sleazy and can even lead to being banned by Google. This particular spam message is interesting because they provided what they saw as my top
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Bogus Domain Name Expiration Notices

As a owner of several websites, I regularly get misleading domain expiration notices from companies that are not my domain registrar. Sometimes the notices are about domains that really are expiring soon. Today, I got a notice of expiration notice from a place called from While the email never stated the expiration of the
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Libya Internet Cut – Google Report

The Transparency Report from Google shows that queries from Libya have dropped enormously over the last couple of days. See the chart showing a drop off from the afternoon of February 18, 2011. This is what shutting off the Internet to a country looks like.