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Harmony Remote Favorite Channel Icon Image

If you’ve got a recent harmony remote such as the Harmony One and have hard to remember 3 or 4 digit TV channels, setting up favorites can be very useful. Then you just have to select the channel on the remote and the right numbers are sent. To make things even prettier, you can define […]

Buying a Home Theater Projector

Why you should buy a home theater projector

Screen size. For the ultimate large screen (100+ inch) theater experience, a front projector is the only solution under $80,000. There are large LCD, Plasma, and rear-projector televisions, but none over 100 inches that can practically be purchased or fit through your door.

Why you should not […]

Wireless Video Sent to a Second Room

It is common for a household to have their DVR in their living room. But how can you watch your recorded shows in another room? If you’ve got Tivo, you can transfer some allowed shows between tivos but that requires paying for a second tivo and hence a second monthly fee. A cheaper alternative is […]

Dish’s DTVPal DVR for Over-The-Air HD TV

Dish, the satellite people, sell the DTVPal DVR, a small box that is a digital video recorder (DVR) similar to TiVo. But this box only works with digital over-the-air TV. It gets its guide information for free digitally over-the-air as well. Therefore, unlike TiVo, it has no monthly fee. It costs $300 but is currently […]

Rural Virginia HD Antenna Installation

We recently helped a local farm near Leesburg, Virginia, setup a Wineguard HD 8200U High Defintion Platinum VHF/UHF/FM Antenna. This is a massive 17 foot antenna. It’s size allowed it to pull in all the available digital television signals with a strong signal.