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Testing RAM

You should test new RAM to make sure that it works. You should also test existing RAM when your computer is acting weird. Computer RAM does go bad. When it does, you can see erratic behaviors such as computer freezes, incorrect screen drawings, and corrupted files. Most people assume that this is due to a
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Encryption on USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Memory Drives have become the replacement of the floppy disk.  You can get a 16GB flash drive for around $50 so they offer a great backup and travel option.  But what if you have your important data on it and you lose it?  Then whoever finds it will have easy access to all
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iPhone Special Diagnostic Codes

Thanks to AppleGuy Tom for providing these codes which work on most US AT&T phones and have been tested on the iPhone. Simply type these codes as if you are calling them. *3001#12345#* -Displays the Field Test Mode, network, cell, GPRS, call, and version information. This picture shows the information from one of my cell
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