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Bogus Domain Name Expiration Notices

As a owner of several websites, I regularly get misleading domain expiration notices from companies that are not my domain registrar.

Sometimes the notices are about domains that really are expiring soon. Today, I got a notice of expiration notice from a place called from While the email never stated the expiration of […]

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Safety Scanner, a simple on-demand virus scanning tool that works happily alongside other virus protection software. For example, you can use it alongside the always-running anti-virus offered by Microsoft Security Essentials.

See your iPhone Travel History

iPhone Tracker is a new desktop application that allows people to see where their iPhone has logged it’s travels. My iPhone has kept it’s entire travel history, going back to June 2010 when I got my iPhone 4. iPhone Tracker uses the data from your iPhone backups in iTunes.

It’s a little buggy, but still […]

Print From iOS To Any Printer or PDF For Free

While Apple has technically enabled the printer function on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, printing only works currently on 18 specific models of HP printers.

AirPrint Activator

To enable printing to any printer attached to your Mac, use the free AirPrint Activator (formerly AirPrint Hactivator).

It’s a simple program. I’ve been using a beta of […]

Recover Deleted Files

A recent client accidentally deleted several important files and removed them from the recycle bin. Another client had done a system rollback that effectively removed important files.

Happily, deleting a files does not remove them. Only the references to the files are gone. Usually some files can be recovered if you know what file type […]