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Test RAM on a Mac

If you have new RAM in your Mac or if you are trying to diagnose weird shutdowns and problems, you should consider testing your RAM. An easy way to do so is to follow these instructions from the command-tab article “How to Test RAM Under Mac OS X“.

Download the file and install the […]

Follow Protests Online

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English has a live stream that has the most in-depth coverage of events in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Iran:

Tweet Mashup

From the MIBAZAAR Blog, there is a Twitter Mashup of protests:

Here’s a look at Middle East “Protests” on Twitter which are mapped out on Google Maps. This Google […]

Libya Internet Cut – Google Report

The Transparency Report from Google shows that queries from Libya have dropped enormously over the last couple of days. See the chart showing a drop off from the afternoon of February 18, 2011. This is what shutting off the Internet to a country looks like.


Link Farms Are Dangerous

Most people who have websites are regularly emailed to join or place links on their site to be part of link farms. These are bogus links (links unrelated to the site’s content) that have the goal of tricking Google into improving the site’s search rank. Horrible SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies sell this sleazy service. […]