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Black Friday Sales

Shoppin’ Time

It’s an important tradition in the US, spending time with family and going shopping.

For information on 2009 Black Friday deals, see and

But be careful to look at yourself in the mirror. You don’t want to look like the People of Walmart (warning: site contains partially clothed unattractive people).


Old Kindle and Kindle 2 users get no improved battery life

Kindle Battery Update.. Not For Most People

It has been widely reported that the recent Kindle firmware update improved battery life up to 85%. Unfortunately, this is not true for almost all Kindle owners. The battery life improvement only applies to the recent Kindle 2 (Global Wireless) version that was introduced October 7, 2009. The […]

Aluminum iMac Hard Drive Upgrade

What you need

1. T6 and T8 torx screwdrivers 2. Phillips Head screwdriver 3. Microfiber cleaning cloth 4. Suction cups 5. External USB or firewire backup hard drive 6. New SATA hard drive. We recommend the 1.5TB Western Digital Green Drive

Step 1 – Backup via Time Machine

Before you start, you have to first […]

Over-Under Cord Wrapping

Be Kind to Your Cables

Bending cables hurts them over time. That’s why it’s helpful to know the “over-under” looping technique to minimize bends and kinks. It’s simple and can give your cables a longer life. Here’s a video from HackCollege explaining the over-under method. I find this especially useful to prevent kinks in longer […]