Rejuvenate Original iPhone with Whited00r

No Apps

The original iPhone can only be updated to run version 3.1.3 of iOS. This means that the vast majority of apps in the iTunes App Store can not be loaded onto the original iPhone. It would be nice if Apple allowed developers to keep old versions in the App Store for people with old devices. But since they don’t, it’s great that you can jailbreak the phone to allow many apps to run.

Jailbreak Steps

I followed these instructions from iPhoneBlogr. This not only jailbroke the phone. It also unlocked the phone so that it could be used on non-AT&T carriers, especially useful if I want to use the phone when traveling abroad.

Then I restored the phone in iTunes using Whited00r 5.1.

Whited00r gives you a new app store with a links to older working versions of Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Performing the jailbreak can be a little scary for some people. But if you have your iPhone 2G or original iPod Touch in the closet or ready to go in the trash, give this a try. They are still good devices if you make the Whited00r updates.

Spirit – New Jailbreak for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

The new Spirit jailbreak is out. Wow, this takes about 20 seconds to do. It’s far easier than earlier jailbreaks and now it works on iPads, both WiFi and 3G.

What is jailbreaking and why should you do it, you ask? Then you probably shouldn’t. It can easily destroy everything. But one thing that it offers is background apps, a feature that will arrive in a few months in iPhone OS 4.

Note to iPad users: many apps do NOT work and will make your iPad’s desktop look like a giant iPhone. Backgrounder seems to work. Kirikae does not. See this spreadsheet of working/non-working jailbroken apps for the iPad.