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iTunes Match

Benefits iTunes Match accomplishes a few things for me: Updates my collection to 256 kbps aac files (higher quality) Backs up my collection online (iCloud) Makes it easier to use other Apple products for my music collection without needing to download everything. This makes it easier to use a lower capacity laptop, iPhone, or iPad.
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iTunes Scripts for Mac

iTunes has some quirks. One is that if you add artwork using its Get Album Artwork function, the images are not embedded in the music files but are kept elsewhere in the iTunes database. This is normally fine. But if you want to send someone an mp3 you have, the artwork won’t travel with it.
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Move iTunes from PC to Mac

As of iTunes 9, it is pretty simple to move the iTunes library from one computer to another, even between Windows and Macs. These instructions detail a move from a PC to a Mac. Update to latest version of iTunes on both systems. In Windows: open iTunes, then Help -> Check For Updates. On Mac:
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