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Use Outlook.com to host your Domain Email

I used to recommend using Google to host your personal domain email (e.g. you@yoursite.com). But since Google started “monetizing” their products, they now charge $50/year/account for the service, quite steep. Now I recommend Outlook.com, which is still free and a very good service. You can signup here: https://domains.live.com/Signup/SignupDomain.aspx You need

Fake Websites

There are lots of fake websites out there designed to fool you into thinking they’re real. Sometimes they’re sites that you’re sent to because your system has been compromised, such as through DNS Malware. Other times they’re just mistyped URL’s. I recently typed “yourube” instead of “youtube” and got this:

SEO Services

As always, I recommend to ignore spam emails suggesting that someone will improve your search rank by performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google knows about the tactics that SEO Consultants use. And if Google notices that you are artificially trying to improve your rank, they can penalize or ban your site from

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis Page

Google set up a crisis response page here: http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html The Google page has a person finder, maps, and information on subjects such as shelters, transportation, rolling blackouts, and donations. To see video on events as they happen, check out NHK World (English) on the digitial over-the-air channel 30-2 from the