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iPhone Special Diagnostic Codes

Thanks to AppleGuy Tom for providing these codes which work on most US AT&T phones and have been tested on the iPhone. Simply type these codes as if you are calling them. *3001#12345#* -Displays the Field Test Mode, network, cell, GPRS, call, and version information. This picture shows the information from one of my cell
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Boost Your Cell Phone Coverage

Cell Phone Boost That Works You might have seen stickers that you put on the back of your phone. They supposedly improve coverage, but they work just about as well as hope. This is better than that. It’s the zBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster. The zBoost Signal Booster is equipment that you need to install
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Geotagging to arrive on Nikon Compact Camera

Nikon Coolpix P6000 Nikon recently announced their new flagship digital compact camera called the Coolpix P6000. Expected in September for $500 list, this camera has a 13.5-million-pixel CCD. It can shoot in raw mode, meaning that it does not have to apply any lossy compression at all. It has a feature called d-lighting which fixes
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