Revive Old Computers with Linux


Instead of trashing an old computer that runs Windows way too slowly, consider installing a flavor of Linux that will work well on an old machine. This will get you a good web browser, word processor, graphics editor, simple games, and much more. Because it’s an up-to-date Linux, there will be fewer viruses to worry about. It won’t run Microsoft Word, but it will run something similar that can load .doc files.

How much would you pay for all that functionality? Well, it’s free. And it’s super fast, especially if you install a version like Lubuntu which is designed for an old computer.

Lubuntu, a lighter Ubuntu

Which Version (Distro) To Choose?

If your computer is somewhat modern and has more than 512MB of RAM, these distros will work well:

If your computer has 128 to 512MB of RAM, these distros can work better in that low memory environment:

  • Lubuntu – a “lighter” Ubuntu build specifically for older computers, also has builds for old Macs
  • Puppy Linux – longtime favorite for old systems

If your computer has less than than 128MB of RAM, try:

Windows 8 Preview

If you 1) must have Microsoft Windows, 2) have a computer with at least 1GB of RAM, and 3) are willing to be adventurous, you can install the free preview of Windows 8. The new Metro interface will be infuriating for many users, but it does work for free at least until the final version of Windows 8 arrives in October 2012.

Fake Websites

There are lots of fake websites out there designed to fool you into thinking they’re real. Sometimes they’re sites that you’re sent to because your system has been compromised, such as through DNS Malware. Other times they’re just mistyped URL’s. I recently typed “yourube” instead of “youtube” and got this:

Bogus PCI emails

Anyone who owns websites will get bogus emails about domain name expiration. New to the scam list are these emails about PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. This is an email to a website that does not collect any credit card or other user information. So there is no merchant processor to be non-compliant with.

They start by claiming to be your PCI service provider, which they are not. Then they threaten fines, which they guess at.

We appreciate providing your PCI services.

Unfortunately your PCI service has expired, and you are now eligible to receive non-compliant fees from your merchant processor. These fees are between $19.95 and $39.95 per month; potentially from $240 to $480 per year.

This non-compliance fee may show on your merchant statement as “NON-RECEIPT OF PCI-DSS VALIDATION FEE” or “PCI NON-COMPLIANCE FEE”.

We can help you stop paying PCI non-compliance fees by successfully reporting your compliance to your merchant processor.

Call immediately at (800) 557-4684 to continue your PCI compliance program and we will:
– review your PCI compliance requirements
– provide options to simplify your PCI process
– answer any questions or concerns
– help you save on PCI related costs

If you have questions, please call us at (800) 557-4684.

Thank you,