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Removing a Virus

Viruses Abound

Every week I remove viruses from Windows computers. Here’s a common scenario:

Someone gets a fake alert like this and realizes that they have a virus.

When they call me, I tell them to turn off the computer. This is because a virus can continue to inflict more damage. It can install […]

Firefox 4

If you’re a Firefox user, you should download Firefox 4, which was released yesterday and provides a much-needed speed boost. Many people had given up on the Firefox due to its sluggishness, instead using Chome or Safari which are built on the faster webkit engine. See Lifehacker’s What’s New and Awesome in Firefox 4 for […]

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis Page

Google set up a crisis response page here:

The Google page has a person finder, maps, and information on subjects such as shelters, transportation, rolling blackouts, and donations.

To see video on events as they happen, check out NHK World (English) on the digitial over-the-air channel 30-2 from the MHz network which is […]

Google Instant Previews for Mobile

Google just added this nifty instant preview feature to their mobile searches.

iPad 2 announced and parodied

Here’s the official video from Apple from their March 2 announcement:

And here’s the best parody video that I’ve seen of it so far: