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New eBay fees raise prices yet again

eBay has recently announced new seller fee prices to take effect at the end of March. While they announced “lower insertion fees”, if you are selling something that sells for between $50 and $1500, your total fees will end up much higher.

The new fee structure will have no listing fees […]

The iPad Arrives

Rumored for years, the Apple iPad is finally here. Starting at $499, it is a major new product that will compete with notebooks and eBooks. See the full video from Apple’s presentation today.

Haiti Disaster Relief

Google’s Crisis Response page for the Haiti earthquake has news, donation links, maps, satellite imagery, videos, and a Person Finder tool to look for or report on missing people.

This video is from the White House Haiti Earthquake Relief site:


Don’t Use Internet Explorer

I used to tell people that the newest Internet Explorer 8 was safe enough. But recent events have changed my mind. The Chinese attacks on Google over Christmas were perpetrated using a vulnerability that exists in all versions of Internet Explorer. Microsoft still hasn’t fixed this.

Because of security concerns, both the German and French […]

Make your Internet faster by changing DNS

When you go to any website, the browser first has to lookup where that site is located. This is done by connecting to a domain name server (DNS). There are many DNS options, not just the default of the ISP. Often other options are much faster. Most websites actually load content from various domains at […]