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Ooma VoIP Phone System Review

There have been many technologies I’ve been skeptical of, none more so than Ooma, a VoIP phone service. If you don’t know what that means, essentially it is a way to make phone calls through your pre-existing internet connection as opposed to using a normal phone line. Ooma has several big selling points, all of […]

NASA Astronauts Can’t Watch DVDs

From today’s Associated Press:

HOUSTON — Atlantis astronauts fixed the Hubble Space Telescope so it could beam cosmic pictures to Earth, but playing DVDs on their laptops is proving too difficult.

With an unwanted off day Friday because thunderstorms prevented their scheduled landing, the astronauts intended to pass the time by watching movies they […]

No Home Phone? Try Skype

Many people are beginning to abandon their home phone lines because they simply don’t use them much any more. $35 for a basic phone line plus long distance bills on top of that is expensive compared to the alternatives. Almost everyone has a cell phone and will simply use that instead. However, cell phone plans […]

Netbooks versus Notebooks

Many DC area clients have asked me whether they should buy a netbook or a full notebook.

Netbooks (small laptops) have become very popular. We have written several articles about them. They started with the Acer Eee PC, followed by the Aspire Aspire One, then proliferating to dozens of models from suppliers including Dell and […]