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iPhone Special Diagnostic Codes

Thanks to AppleGuy Tom for providing these codes which work on most US AT&T phones and have been tested on the iPhone. Simply type these codes as if you are calling them.

*3001#12345#* -Displays the Field Test Mode, network, cell, GPRS, call, and version information.

This picture shows the information from one of my cell […]

USB Drive PC Tools

PC Repair System from Daily Cup of Tech

USB drives can hold a lot of tools needed for PC repair, recovery, and diagnostics. The folks at Daily Cup of Tech put together a PC Repair System that fits on a tiny 32MB flash drive.

What to do

All you have to do is download […]

When to buy Apple Products

You don’t want to buy a product just before it is replaced by a faster version at the same price. That’s why MacRumor’s Buyer’s Guide is useful for Apple products. It currently shows that there are many iPods and computers that are due for revisions soon based on the time since the last revision. This […]

Boot into “Live CDs”

While Linux can be scary for most users, there is a simple way to get into it. It is the Live CD.

A Live CD is a CD that the computer loads or boots on. It does not modify your hard drive or computer in any way. So you can boot into Linux, another copy […]

Find WiFi networks with iStumbler for Mac OS X

iStumbler allows you to find and determine the strength of WiFi networks. It works only with Macs.

iStumbler is useful when you need access to the internet and need free WiFi. iStumbler will tell you if the network is secure or open. Although connecting to an open WiFi point is of questionable legality, there are […]