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Upgrading Windows HD

I recently upgraded a client’s computer from an old spinning hard drive to an SSD (solid state drive) to make the machine much faster. A simple disk clone did not work for Windows 7 to make the disk bootable. To make Windows 7 boot properly, the SID (Security Identifier) had to be updated. This is
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Windows 7 Fresh Install from Upgrade Disk

Upgrade Conundrum Microsoft offers Full and Upgrade versions for each of its Windows 7 versions: Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. To qualify for an upgrade, you need to have a copy of Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Unfortunately, anyone running Windows XP or 2000 can not do an in-place upgrade to 64-bit Windows 7. A
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Windows 7 Launch

It’s A Party Windows 7 is arriving next Thursday October 22nd. Microsoft has sent out many house party kits for people to celebrate this launch. While it is dorky, it still is helping to generate buzz. Microsoft has a video on how to host a launch party that has been widely parodied. Here’s my party
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