Download Tricky Flash Videos

Many embedded videos are tricky to download. For example, news sites and Hulu do all they can to hide video files so that you can’t easily find them. If the standard browser plug-ins for downloading aren’t working, try StreamTransport, a free Windows program. I found that it is the only solution for many sites.

Satechi R1 iPad Stand

I’ve played with lots of iPad stands and the Satechi R1 Stand is the best by far because it:

  1. looks great
  2. is adjustable to any vertical angle
  3. is easy to move left-right because it’s small
  4. collapses for travel
  5. fits the iPad, iPhone or any other device with or without a case
  6. has a strong hinge and won’t destroy your iPad by accident
  7. is reasonably priced

made2dock dock-IN-case

made2dock makes some pretty good docks for the iPhone 4/S called dock-IN-case. There are these two models (Original and Slant) and a desk model that fits neatly in the cable hole in your desk. All models are heavy and well made. The Original is a bit heavier making it easier to pull out of the dock with one hand.

What really sets this dock apart are the sizing options to fit many different sized cases and bumpers.