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Twitter Facebook Application Fixed

There are several ways to update Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites at the same time. One solution is the Twitter Application in Facebook which takes your tweets and automatically puts them on your Facebook page. Now that the Twitter Application works, it’s worth mentioning. Until recently, it was broken for me and many others.


Fighting Conficker

I have mentioned several times that Conficker is considered the most dangerous virus to date.

The Atlantic Monthy magazine has a great article titled The Enemy Within on the history of Conficker and where we are now. It’s a fascinating read for both technical security buffs and non techies.

It starts:

The Enemy Within by […]

Find Sustainable Seafood

On today’s Kojo Namdi show on WAMU, the topic was Local Seafood Markets & the Gulf Oil Spill.

Sheila Bowman of the Monteray Bay Aquarium said that they created a Seafood Watch iPhone app for people to easily find what seafoods are considered good and bad from a fish sustainability perspective. […]

Track Gulf Oil Spill on Google

Google added recently the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill to their Crisis Response site. It has overlay maps with satellite images, closures, news, etc.

Support Remote Computers with Zoho Assist

At Tech DC we occasionally provide remote computer support and take over someone’s desktop to fix a problem. My favorite tool for this is the previously mentioned UltraVNC SingleClick. This requires the remote user to click on an executable to allow me to view their desktop.

A new tool that I started using is Zoho […]