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12 Tips for Protecting Your Computer from Snoopers

In the DC area especially, there are people who have reason to be concerned about computer espionage, either for work (national or corporate secrets) or personal reasons (divorce or blackmail). Here are 12 tips to guard against intruders snooping on your activities:

Use decent passwords. The easiest way for someone to access your email and […]

Thunderbird Add-ons

You might have heard about add-ons for the popular web browser Firefox that give it more capabilities. Well, the folks at Mozilla also make a great email client called Thunderbird (PC, Mac, Linux) that has add-ons too.

I found this out when I needed to send someone hundreds of emails. The Add-on ImportExportTools (which oddly […]

Christmas Lights

Happy holidays! Unless you hate Christmas and live next to a house blaring music like this.

WARNING: video may induce epileptic seizure.

Manage Your Podcasts in iTunes

If you use iTunes and need more control of your podcasts, click on the Settings… tab at the bottom of the iTunes Podcasts page. This gives you the ability to choose download and retention settings. You can set a default and per-podcast setting.

Set a default podcast setting that applies to most of your podcasts, […]

Buying a Home Theater Projector

Why you should buy a home theater projector

Screen size. For the ultimate large screen (100+ inch) theater experience, a front projector is the only solution under $80,000. There are large LCD, Plasma, and rear-projector televisions, but none over 100 inches that can practically be purchased or fit through your door.

Why you should not […]